Scientifically Sweet: Chocolate is a follow up to "Scientifically Sweet: A Scientific & Delicious Approach to Artisanal Baking"! It is self-published with all of my most favourite and most popular easy irresistible chocolate recipes with helpful hints to go with them! 

In this book, we'll dive deep into the origins, flavours, varieties and history of chocolate, and there are baking tips, food science facts and ingredient substitutions along the way. This book is for the ultimate chocolate lover with over 100 decadent recipes across 6 chapters! There's a drool-worthy photograph for each and every recipe. Prepare to have all of your chocolate dreams come true!

Chapter 1: Chocolate for Breakfast
Chapter 2: Chocolatey Cookies
Chapter 3: Brownies & Bars
Chapter 4: Pies & Pastries 
Chapter 5: Layer Cakes, Loaf Cakes & Cupcakes
Chapter 6: Chocolate Truffles & Special Sweets

Scientifically Sweet is a self-published title made from a lot of passion and hard work. The decision to self-publish was to ensure that my vision of a marriage between food science and delicious desserts was captured and that all the tips and baking science info that I thought was important to successful baking was crammed in there to give you the best baking reference you could have in your kitchen. It was all worth it.

This book holds all the secrets with over 100 recipes, each with colour photographs! It is a baking cookbook with a scientific twist; it is full of answers and inspiration. It is essential for beginner bakers as it provides them with tools to get started and feel confident with step-by-step, easy to understand instructions and helpful tips. It is also a must-have for experienced bakers who are interested in learning the science behind baking and improving their technique. Do you find yourself always asking "why" when there are specific instructions in a recipe? Ever think "why can't I just put it all in a bowl and mix it together?" - you'll learn why through these recipes. You will feel so smart.

Chapter 1: Cookies & Brownies
Chapter 2: Cakes & Cupcakes
Chapter 3: Pies & Tarts
Chapter 4: Confectionery 

Some delicious things you will find inside...

The Secret Life of Brownies - the science behind ingredient functions and methods.

What creates that thin crackly, shiny crust on brownies every time? I've got it covered!

The Secret Life of Cake - the science behind ingredient functions and methods.

The handsome Dark Chocolate Threat Cake on the cover?
Make it at home!

Learn why cakes come out tough and dry, and how you can prevent it.

A recipe for the BEST Yellow Butter Cupcakes. 

Triple Chocolate Cupcakes and an incredibly simple chocolate peanut butter swiss roll - it's my Drumstick Roulade!

You can learn about foams and why egg whites can fill out like shaving cream. Learn what stabilizes foams and the big role they play in making delicate French macarons. 

The Secret Life of Cookies - the science behind ingredient functions and methods.

What makes the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie
Scientifically Sweet has the answers.

Christina shares unique ingredients to help you make every kind of CCC ever. Find out how to make them chewy, thick or tender. Do you like them chewy? I do!. I've got the recipe and tricks to help you make the chewiest Bakery-Best Chocolate Chip Cookies EVER! 

There's nothing better than these oozing molten Chocolate Lava Cookies as a personal little indulgent treat after a weeknight dinner! It's all the decadence of a molten chocolate cake that you'd order after a fancy dinner out, but instead you can make it a home and it is way more convenient! Bake up a batch at the beginning of the week and then pop one in the microwave for 10 seconds for a gooey center all week long!

Pecan Praline Thumbprint Cookies (aka. Turtle Cookies!)

The Secret Life of Confectionery the science of Chocolate & Candy-Making.

Ever think you could make candy at home? You totally can, and you can give it away wrapped in pretty jars with a bow (or you can just eat it all. No judging). 

Why do you need a thermometer to make candy?
What is the importance of cooking temperature when making candy?

Don't buy fancy chocolate truffles, MAKE fancy chocolate truffles.

Or how about Homemade Baci Chocolates!?

Impress your guests with a classic French Bistro-style Chocolate Mousse! It's a make-ahead recipe too, so you don't have to sweat it during the actual get together!

The Secret Life of Pastry - the science behind ingredient functions and methods.

Decadent pies, tarts and flaky pastries.

One of my most requested recipes:
French Chocolate Truffle Tart with sea salt cashew brittle.

You'll learn how to make perfect pie dough. You will become a pro.

Salted Chocolate Caramel Tartlets. You know I went there.

Step aside lemon curd because Strawberry Curd is taking over.

You don't need to go specialty shopping to make jam.
All you need is fruit, sugar and acid. I'll tell you why.

I hope that Scientifically Sweet can be formerly introduced to your kitchen.
Make a mess of her. Get some batter splatter on her.
Use her!

I hope this book will make you a better baker and, most of all, inspire you. I am inspired by thousands of different people and things that I see every day and I only hope that this book can do the same for you.

With love and chocolate,


To sum it all up, inside Scientifically Sweet cookbooks you will find over 200 pages of useful information including...

  • over 100 delicious & sweet recipes
  • over 100 colour photographs
  • metric and imperial conversion charts
  • "Equipment" - what you need for successful baking
  • "The Lingo" - useful definitions for common baking terms
  • "Measuring Technique" - important tips and instructions
  • "The Facts" - answers to frequently asked questions, such as the difference between natural and Dutched cocoa, unsalted vs. salted butter, bleached vs. unbleached flour, baking powder vs. baking soda, and more!
  • full Index       
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