meet Christina

Christina Marsigliese  Author, Food Scientist MSc.

Christina Marsigliese (that's me!) is a Food Scientist (MSc.), Product Developer, former Research Pastry Chef, obsessive home baker and never-recovering chocoholic. I was raised in the kitchen between my mom running around with her hands covered in flour and my dad yelling at me to stop making a mess!

I cook every single day, but mostly I finds pleasure in making and eating things that involve butter, sugar and insurmountable amounts of chocolate. I've spent six years in post secondary education completing my Master's degree in Food Science and have been working in the food industry for over 10 years. I basically develop food products that you buy at the supermarket, and I've also worked as a pastry chef at some top fine dining restaurants. 

Oh - my books! My favourite role of all is Author. I've written two cookbooks, and that's the reason for this site! I love creating new recipes that just work! They're all at least triple tested and truly are recipes that I love to bake over and over again. My second book is ALL about chocolate - so, what's not to love? 

My obsession with food started at a very young age as I come from a large Italian family where food has always been at the center of attention. I believe that any baking-related issue can be resolved or realized using a scientific eye and hope that I can rub my nerdy food obsession off on you. 

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