Tuesday, June 14, 2016

3-ingredient PB Banana Ice Cream Dessert

Short and sweet - that's how this recipe goes.

There is one piece of equipment you don't need - an ice cream maker. But there is one you do need - a food processor or very powerful blender.

Short is the ingredients:
1. bananas
2. peanut butter
3. Greek yogurt

Sweet is the craving conquered with bananas and only bananas.

Slicing the bananas before freezing them accomplishes a few things. The smaller size means it will freeze faster. Faster freezing means less ice crystals, smoother texture and it gets this dessert to my mouth sooner. When thoroughly frozen, the banana will be rock hard and impossible to slice anyways. Also, peeling the banana immediately stops the ripening process so you can catch it when its at that sweet spot, which is speckled but not black.

Place all of these ingredients in a food processor and blend away until very smooth. Serve it immediately with any toppings you like. If you're thinking hot or cold fudge, then I'd say you're on track to making good life choices. Amen. 

What makes it so creamy without cream are fabulous starches that mimic the feeling of fat in the mouth and increase the viscosity/thickness. Food Science is legit.

You can scrape it out into a container and freeze it to enjoy later, but I highly suggest making it in small batches like this and eating it all the same day. The high moisture content means that it is prone to crystallization when stored for more than a couple of days in the freezer and will become quite icy. Otherwise, this makes an incredibly, deliciously sneaky dessert on a hot Sunday afternoon. 

Banana bread might need to take a back seat this Summer because my speckled fruit is bound for icy coolness for now.


3-ingredient PB Banana Ice Cream Dessert
makes 2 servings

2 ripe bananas
2 tbsp smooth peanut butter
¼ cup thick Greek yogurt

Peel bananas and slice into thin coins. Freeze overnight until very hard. Place bananas, peanut butter and yogurt in the bowl of a food processor and blend until smooth like soft serve ice cream. Serve immediately with your favourite toppings or spoon into a container and freeze for 30 minutes for a firmer texture. Serve with chopped peanuts.
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