Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Christmas Dessert List

Well it's crunch time!

If you haven't already got any desserts planned for Christmas, let me recommend a cookie buffet! 

It's just like a regular buffet, except there are only cookies. I'm being serious. Make a big variety and overwhelm your guests. I like when people can't decide so they end up taking one of each. Hahaaaa suckers!

But really, you can make most doughs ahead of time, wrap, refrigerate and bake them up the day before your gathering. Done and done. I do this every year and my Daddy-O will legitimately down at least a dozen cookies before rubbing his tummy and complaining of feeling sick. I have a manchild for a Father. It's fun. He's a winner. 

If cookies alone aren't enough to satisfy you after a giant Christmas dinner, here is a mix of dessert ideas that might interest you...

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