Monday, June 27, 2011

Fresh Strawberry Desserts!

I have a bucket of strawberries in my kitchen.

I picked them myself. I think I ate about 37 strawberries while I was picking them. That's a lot of strawberries.

When I went to pay for my strawberries and I was digging through my change purse, I was a little embarrassed at how red my fingers were. GUILTY.

PS. I'm probably the only 25-year-old who uses a change purse.

These are incredible! much juice oozing out of them that you can barely get a grip on them to pick them kind of incredible.

They're super sweet and red all the way through. They have the most outrageous perfume that has filled my kitchen and is currently filling my nose.

If there are any farms around you, or if your neighbour has a strawberry field, I strongly suggest that you get out there and do some picking! Please don't steal from your neighbour though - but if you do, at least leave a strawberry pie on his doorstep next Sunday.

In the meantime, there are a million killer recipes that you can make using fresh strawberries!

Strawberry & Apple Tarts are so fresh, kinda fancy and super cute.

Strawberry Sauce for your blueberry pancakes anyone?

Summer Berries & Cloud Cream should be for dessert tonight. It's so easy.

These Red Wine Italian Meringue Nests with Sweet Strawberries are total show-offs.

Goat Cheese Swirl & Strawberry Brownies. What!? Crazy delicious.
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