Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hazelnut Espresso Cookies

Do you have a minute? I promise this wont take very long.

I want to discuss something....something of great importance.

What makes a cookie breakfast-worthy?

      Does it have to contain fruit? How about nuts?

Does the first ingredient need to be either a) eggs, or b) bacon? Weird.

      Should you be able to spread peanut butter or jam on it?

Or, can it just have "espresso" in the name?

      Yes. I like the last one.

I have an addiction. I belong to a club where the only thing to eat for breakfast is cookies. Anybody else in that club? (or want to be in the club?)

If the cookie is somewhat lower in fat....and contains coffee...then it's legit right?

Please don't give me that look.

No. I'm not trying to pull you down with me....but I can't just talk about these Hazelnut Espresso Cookies without giving you the recipe. That would be mean, and I'm not a mean person.

So if you get addicted to cookies at breakfast too, then you have only yourself to blame. And maybe me...just a little bit.

These not-too-sweet cookies really are on the lower side of the fat scale...it's the truth. The combination of coffee, allspice and hint of cinnamon is kinda exotic and just delicious. The texture is more on the softer side, with slightly crisp edges.

I got the inspiration to make these cookies not only from my morning cookie-eating addiction, but from the delicious cappuccino my Dad made for me when we went down for a visit last weekend. The goof always gives himself extra foam though.

Not fair.

These are icebox cookies, in that you roll the dough into a log and then refrigerate it for as little as 1 hour or up to 3 days. When you're ready to bake, you just slice the log, lay the rounds flat on your baking sheet and Bob's your uncle! Easy, fast and damn tasty.

Dunk these guys in your morning coffee and I'll be seeing you at the next club meeting!

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