Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Foodbuzz Tea Party Takeover for Ovarian Cancer Research!

I'm writing today to tell all of my lovely, smart, witty and fun readers that they wont be hearing from me for the next week or so.

I'm not breaking up with's just that I'm heading off to the Caribbean for a little while. I'll have some great food stories to share with you when I get back, and hopefully I'll take a trip to a cacao plantation. If you see that the price of chocolate rises drastically in the next few days, it's likely because I have consumed half a crop of cacao nibs and I've depleted the supply. Sorry. My bad.

I'd like to leave you with something nice. Something charity-driven.

Have you heard of the foodie website Foodbuzz? I bet you probably have.

Well, Foodbuzz and Electrolux are partnering to host a Top 9 Tea Party Takeover today, and they're asking Featured Publishers to construct a post around a tea party theme.

Foodbuzz will donate $50 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund for every tea party recipe created by a Featured Publisher before March 23rd! So, I figured this would be a great way to help out. Every little bit counts right? That's what they always say.

To support the cause even more, Electrolux will donate $1 to the OvarianCancer Research Fund when you go to Kelly Confidential and select a perfect tea party outfit for Kelly Ripa's Tea Party for a Cause.

My perfect tea party menu is mainly sweet with a touch of savoury. Firstly, my Mom's Classic Cranberry Almond Biscotti are unbelievable. She's knows her biscotti. Plus, you need something to dunk in your tea!

Double Chocolate French Macarons are so fancy and make you want to drink tea with your pinky finger pointing out. You can totally make them with my step-by-step instructions!

These Hazelnut Espresso Cookies are absolutely necessary because they're made with coffee. So obvious.

Any tea party without scones and jam is unheard of. There must be Rosemary Cheddar Scones. There will be jam!

Did you know you can make Homemade Strawberry Jam at home with only 3 ingredients? Yup. Strawberries, sugar and lemon juice is all you need!

An elegant Apple Jam & Vanilla Custard Tart will knock the pants off of any guests at your tea party. And, well, it serves them right since they should be wearing a cute sundress anyway!

Unfortuntately, where I'll be heading, we won't be having a tea party. We'll be having a dark rum party. I'm ok with that.

I'll be back sooner than you'll know with stories of mangoes, cacao, roti, shark & bake, breadfruit, coconuts and more! Can you guess what countries I'll be visiting?

PS - it's snowing right now here in Toronto. MuAhahahaha!! That was mean. I apologize.

Your big time foodie friend,
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