Friday, February 25, 2011

Spiced Sweet Potato Pie Muffins

Yesterday was interesting.

A tart exploded in my oven.

Yep. No kidding. I have good days...and then I have bad days. Yesterday was a bad day.

I had made this tart twice has a buttery pastry crust with a cream cheese filling. It has turned out perfect both times. 

Everything was going great. I rolled out my pastry, fit it into a tart pan.....a 9-inch round tart pan. Wait! No, I forgot. This time I wanted to try baking it in a rectangular tart pan just for fun. Thought it would look nicer that way. Damn! Crappy! AH! I had to start again....I remove the pastry, roll it out and fit it into a rectangular tart pan. Problem solved. No big deal. Freak-out was totally unnecessary.

So, I make the filling. I'm beating with an electric hand mixer....and I'm beating....annnnd I'm beating.....Oh crap! I totally zoned out. I was beating for like 3 minutes....Wow the filling looks really fluffy! It looks pretty....

Hmm...maybe it's too fluffy. Oh well, let's bake it anyway.

Tart goes in the oven and I go sit at my computer.

About 20 minutes later I hear sounds like "Pffftt....plop. Pffftt..............plop" coming from the kitchen. Ok, so it didn't really sound like "plop", but you know what I mean right? So I run to the kitchen, turn on the oven light and see my filling literally exploding from huge air pockets and then jumping right off my tart and onto the bottom of my oven. Seriously? Seriously.

Nooooo!...this sucks. But, it's kinda funny. So I laugh a bit. Then again, "Noooooooo!". Oh well. Leave it there...let it explode. I'll still eat it if it's baked but I won't eat a soggy crust. So it continues to explode as I laugh/cry.

When it's "done" it looks like it survived a world war, but still tasted the same.

I guess this is a time where Math fails me in life. Ok, warning - big scientist nerd moment....I calculated the surface area of my 9-inch round tart pan and my rectangular tart pan. Technically.....TECHnically...there is enough space for my filling in the rectangular pan. Math sucks.

To redeem myself, I made some muffins. Some really great-tasting, wholesome Spiced Sweet Potato Pie Muffins that don't contain any cream cheese, because cream cheese is evil.

These muffins are made with sweet potatoes and only egg whites - no yolks! They're deliciously moist, light and fluffy, and spiced just right like a sweet potato pie. They're also studded with walnuts and they're perfect for the season!

They turned out perfect. So...take that tart! You don't own me.

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