Thursday, December 16, 2010

CBC Highlights!

For my non-Canadian readers who don't get the chance to watch episodes of Steven & Chris online, here are some highlights from the latest episodes.

Vanilla Cupcakes & Buttercream. Fun stuff!

Steven pouring hot Salted Butter Caramel syrup into the pan to set up. Meanwhile Chris very generously buttered the cutting board....and I mean very generously. Let's just say when you give Chris a task, he give's it his all and that's for sure! Hilarious.

I'm pointing at the Maldon Salt - it has a lovely flaky texture that lends a pleasant crunch to the top of these caramels.

Still laughing about the 1/2 stick of butter slathered onto the cutting board. If that's Chris's idea of "lightly" greasing, then I'd like to see how he responds to "heavily"? Mmm...low fat caramels.
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