Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Recipes!

My friends and I have a tradition of celebrating American Thanksgiving.

I'm a very proud Canadian, but I'm also a sucker for food. Obviously.

I'll take any excuse to fill my stomach with turkey, stuffing, pie and sweet potatoes.

Every year we happily prepare a delicious deep-fried turkey strictly for the American holiday. It's kind of appropriate right?

I've only ever roasted my turkey for Canadian Thanksgiving...

I'm going to admit, though, that a deep-fried bird is absolutely epic. It's insanely moist and only takes about an hour to fry.

It ends up being a pretty gluttonous day for us. We have one rule - everyone has to bring something fryable.

Since we already have a massive deep-fryer bubbling away outside, we figure we might as well go nuts and let ourselves go for a day.

We've fried white potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole quails and.....battered Snickers & Mars bars. Yikes...

Not good for the thighs.


Here are some great Turkey Day recipes that do not require a fryer.

I hope you give many thanks to elastic-waist pants and baggy sweaters.

Perfect for breakfast

Serve this up with those Date scones

Warm cinnamon bread? To die for.

Pie speaks for itself, right?

 Elegant appetizer
 Pour it over vanilla ice cream, possibly alongside your pie!
Light, fresh and delicious
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