Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spiced Carrot & Currant Muffins

During this time of the year, I can't get enough of Carrot Cake. It's something about the combination of spices, dried fruit and root vegetables that just screams "Autumn!"

My urge to make hand-held carrot cakes in the form of Spiced Carrot and Currant Muffins perfectly coincided with my desire to test out a new muffin pan. It's the Anolon Advanced 12 Cup Muffin Pan. It claims to have a heavy gauge construction that resists warping and an excellent non-stick finish.

The verdict: this pan truly is a dream. It definitely is heavy and there were no signs of warping at 350 degrees F. The non-stick surface is incredible. Each muffin popped right out with ease, leaving no crumbs or other signs of sticking behind. It was a beautiful thing. This means no extra oil or fat needed to "grease" the pan, and no need for paper liners.

I would definitely recommend this pan. It is easily available from CSN Stores.

Oh, and the verdict on the muffins: delicious. Find out for yourselves...

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