Thursday, October 21, 2010

Homemade Crackers

I think you should make your own crackers.

I also think you should make your own Jams and Wedding Cakes.

I'm not always this bossy. I promise.

These aren't your ordinary crackers, though. They're far more decadent. It's obvious. I mean, they're called "Flaky Butter Crackers"...yikes! They absolutely are buttery, flaky, crispy and down right delicious.

The most fun part about making your own crackers is that you can season them with whatever you'd like. Because I'm terrible at making decisions when it comes to food, I tried everything....

Cumin Seed
Caraway Seed
Sea Salt & Black peppercorn
Roasted Garlic & Black Peppercorn
Poppy Seed & Sesame Seed

They were all good.

Want to know the secret to keeping these little jems flaky?

Keep your butter cold and don't over work the dough. It's like making pie dough - you want to keep little, solid, visible bits of butter in the dough. These bits will flatten out and create multiple layers as you begin rolling.

When you bake the crackers, the water trapped in the butter bits will evaporate in the oven. The steam created from this evaporation will separate layers of dough and make the crackers puff up.

If you start feeling guilty about eating these, then wait just a second...

Go grab yourself a big chunk of old cheese. Ok, now. Feel guilty.
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