Monday, October 18, 2010

Fact: I made my Wedding Cake

I know what you're going to say. Where have I been!?

You'll have to forgive me though, because I got married! I'm now a Mrs.!

The wedding was perfect. It had everything that I love about life in it: outstanding food, scratch-baked cake, lots of chocolate, family, friends, purple, gold, laughter, music, singing, dancing, great beer and, did I mention incredible food? Ya, it was perfect.

My new *husband* is a keeper. He's also perfect. I'm allowed to say that because I'm married.

The honeymoon was an adventure. We went to Thailand and Malaysia where we trekked through the jungle, climbed a mountain, rode elephants, attended cooking classes, drank insane amounts of young coconut juice, snorkeled around the islands, spotted mating dolphins, watched fireflies light up the jungle like a Christmas tree lot and ate like kings ever single day. Ok, rewind. I want to do it all over again!

Want to know what the best part of the whole wedding was? I made the cake!

I remember a time, about 12 years ago, when I told my mother that when I got married I would make my own wedding cake and it would be chocolate. Well mom, goal achieved.

The bottom and top tiers are Dark Chocolate Buttercake with Strawberry Cream Filling and Dark Chocolate Buttercream. The middle tier is Pure Vanilla Buttercake with Strawberry Cream Filling and Bourbon Vanilla Buttercream. The bottom tier also withstands a mountain of silky Dark Chocolate Honey Truffles.

Sounds good huh? It was. It really really was.

It was quite a site to see, actually. One hour before the reception....there I was...standing next to my cake in my diamond white gown...piping bag in hand. I was building the mountain of chocolate truffles using chocolate buttercream to secure them. You'd think I'd be covered in chocolate and cocoa powder by the end of it, right? But, no. Not even a spot! It must have been newlywed luck.

The cake topper was made by my Father-in-law. He carved it from solid dark chocolate and painted it with edible gold dust. Seriously. It was like a dream.

Considering the number of *gasps* I received from people when I told them I was making my own cake, it wasn't nearly as stressful. I had a blast doing it and I had even more fun eating it.

If I can make my own wedding cake, then I guess making cakes for other people's weddings should be a piece of cake. Sorry, I couldn't help myself...
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