Monday, October 25, 2010

Cocoa Brownies, The

These are THE Cocoa Brownies. 

Also known as "Cocoa Brownies, The" if you were to look them up in the Index of the cookbook in my head.

It's hard to find a dense, moist brownie made from cocoa, isn't it?

It seems like they could never compare to chocolate brownies.

But let's face it. Sometimes we don't always have chocolate in the house. Haha...that's funny and so not true.

I'll rephrase: sometimes people don't always have chocolate in the house. I'm pretty sure I have enough to share with each and every one of you...

But still. It's good to have one of these recipes on hand in case of an emergency when you've already eaten all of the chocolate you own, but you're still craving something rich and chocolatey.

I call those people addicts. I'm one of them (Choc-O-holic).

Here's the trick - cocoa powder is mostly fat-soluble, so it blends well with butter. Blending them together is almost like re-creating chocolate...kind of.

Another trick is to use potato starch in place of some of the flour. This will keep the brownies tender due to the lack of gluten protein, which can potentially make them tough, especially if over-mixing is involved.

Just make sure you don't use potato flour. Otherwise you will have potato-flavoured brownies. Bad idea.

Brownies made with cocoa powder. Good idea.

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