Thursday, July 22, 2010

OMG Black Forest Tart

So...I had an idea.

My thought process went something like this:

I absolutely love to eat cherries.
                  Right now I have a lot of fresh cherries in my possession.
          Oh man, I love chocolate too.
            I love chocolate more than I love cherries.
                         Cherries and chocolate go together so darn well...way better than strawberries do.
     Why don't more people combine cherries and chocolate?
           I am going to combine luscious, moist, fudgey chocolate with fresh cherries and bake it all off in a tart.
                                                   I'm going to name it "OMG Black Forest Tart" and call it a day...or lunch.


This tart is so good it's almost not fair. It's not fair to all those other desserts that could never live up to its chocolateyness, richness, moistness or silkyness. I's just not fair.

The filling is very similar to a brownie batter that bakes up around the cherries on top, leaving sweet pools of cherry sauce. The sauce, which is very similar to the one that tops this Marble Cherry Cheesecake is created from the cherry juices and becomes gooey and more intense once baked. When making the sauce, be sure to bring the mixture to the boil after adding the corn starch slurry. This is because corn starch will not reach its full thickening potential until it is fully hydrated and brought to the boil. That's just how this funny starch works...

Starch occurs naturally as granules or particles that are made up of amylose and/or amylopectin molecules. When corn starch is heated in water, the granules undergo a process called gelatinization where they absorb water, become hydrated and swell up. Eventually the orderly granules become disrupted and soluble molecules (mainly amylose) begin to leach out. Maximum viscosity of a corn starch solution is reached at 95 degrees C, which is why it is important to bring the mixture to the boil. 

The tart shell almost acts as insulation to keep the filling moist. Refrigerating the tart to set the filling before tossing it into the oven prevents the filling from over-baking before the crust is perfectly golden. You can see how I've thought this through...

There is no way this OMG Black Forest Tart will disappoint you. It's guaranteed to have you saying "Oh my gosh" and you'll be so in love....
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