Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Cherry Love...

I obviously can't get enough of sweet cherries and dark chocolate. I'm on a cherry high right now and chocolate does no good at keeping me sober. This combination is just far too unreal. You may have already realized that if you've gone ahead and made my OMG Black Forest Tart. (I'm still recovering from that one by the way...)

The beauty of these Dark Chocolate Cherry Tartlets is their simplicity. Essentially, I toss chunks of dark chocolate and pitted fresh cherries into an unbaked tart shell with a spoonful of sour cream before giving it some heat in the oven. No melting necessary. That's right - I'm baking chunks of chocolate. I'm not mad! I blame the cherries - they made me high.

When the tartlets bake, the cherries begin to release their juices and bubble up around the chocolate, causing it to melt, mix and mingle with the juice. It's a beautiful thing. Want to see the recipe? Sweet.


These tartlets are best served warm while the chocolate is still molten. It's heaven. The slight tang from a thin layer of sour cream on the bottom provides the perfect contrast to the bitter chocolate and sweet cherries. Magic.

I added a pinch of freshly cracked black pepper into the mix too. I'm sneaky like that. It lends a tiny touch of heat and great flavour. Chocolate, black pepper and cherries are uber compatible. I know you'll love it.

Could it possibly get any better than melted bittersweet chocolate and cherries? Heck yes. These tartlets are still divine when served cooled. In this occasion, the pieces of chocolate that poke out at the top solidify and harden. Now, the tartlets have practically become chocolate candy bars that are pretty much irresistible.

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