Friday, April 9, 2010

Sour Cream Custard Tart

I love this tart! It's so simple and light yet satisfying. It's very straightforward with no gimmicks. The filling, which has a silky smooth texture reminiscent of silken tofu, lays on a buttery cream cheese pastry crust. It reminds me of a graceful cheesecake as it delivers a subtle cheesecake experience, without the density (which by no means am I disrespecting - I adore a dense, rich, fall-to-the-bottom-of-your-stomach cheesecake!).

My Sour Cream Custard Tart is a perfect dessert to elegantly continue the theme of a rich meal without overpowering your guests. One egg is all it takes to set the filling into a tight but oh-so-silky consistency. The protein gel network formed by lactic acid bacteria* during the production of sour cream serves to thicken the filling and make it cohesive.
*lactic acid bacteria are bacterial cultures used to acidify milk and coagulate milk proteins in the production of yogurt, sour cream and cheese

Fancy this tart up with a few fresh, seasonal berries and it's good to go. There's not even the need for whipped cream in this scenario.

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